Saturday, March 31, 2012

Liam part 1

It's April 1st and I'm having the dreams again. I'm names liam Connor. I'm a small business owner. I run the hardware store down on south marlen called Connor & sons hardware. Today's the day I'm going to see a dream doctor that my mother prescribed to me. My dreams are far more better then my reality. I have no problem sleeping and especially lately but my mother Mary thinks I have a serious problem or condition. For several months in my dreams I dream about walking this little town and working there and learning the neighbors and how my imagination dreamed up a villain that in my dreams I call a valcher likes to prey on people and suck them dry of everything except for me. She seems to see something special in me. I go to to see me doctor at 1:00 pm and I guess my dreams will finally come forward and I won't have to feel so lost. Hello Liam my name is dr. Patrick. I hear you have a dream problem or a series of events that keep reoccurring in your dreams. Yes dr. Patrick my dreams feel so real and recently I would much rather sleep then be awake. Go on and explain this dream to me Liam says dr. Patrick. Well the gest of it is I'm wry popular in this little town if you must say. It's run by queen that's completely evil and I know this village inch by inch. Two nights ago this beautiful fasinating woman appears in them . She absolutely goregous she's got long curly black hair and blue eyes that pierce your heart. She's so scared and vulnerable I feel I need to take care of her. She's tells me about her trauma that just recently happened to her. What trauma was that Liam? Dr. Patrick says. She tells me she's in a coma because she was in a bad accident but she really think she's in heaven and that she would rather stay with me then wake up. Well Liam it seems to me that you are just suffering from loneliness. Go some dates and see what happens next time we meet and you tell me how your dreams go. Will do dr. Patrick I'm up for anything I can't get her out of my mind.